Many in the early batches would agree that coming to the I.I.U. (as it was known then, or UIA) was a life-turning event. Quite a few from the first batch learnt to read the Qur’an in I.I.U. Quite a number learnt about and performed the Jama’ah prayer in the Section 16 mosque on a regular basis, thanks partly to the halaqah requirement and timetable of those days (and also the ‘warning’ issued by Prof Kamal that he ‘noticed that the numbers going for jama’ah prayer was getting smaller’!)  Many learnt the difference between the phrase ‘Amar Makruf Nahi Munkar’ from the ‘angels Munkar Nakir’ in I.I.U. Many realized that there were others who practiced Islam differently from us in Malaysia in I.I.U. Yes, it was a different world in Section 16, PJ and the experience in I.I.U. for 4 years was clearly a water-shed for many.

It was in this background and spirit that Ibadah Camp VIII was organized in Kem Bina Semangat Port Dickson in April 1987. A suggestion was made by the then Deputy Rector Dato’ Prof. Ariffin Suhaimi, that the I.I.U. Alumni Association should be formed. A modification to the regular programme was made to accommodate a session for the setting up of the Alumni Pro-tem Committee. Our exemplary CFK guides under Prof Kamal and Ust. Mokhtar gave full support. En.Saifuddin Abdullah from the Academic and Students Affairs Department (now Datuk Saifuddin, deputy Minister of Higher Education) promised support, nearly all first batch showed commitment, with 80 signing up to transfer their RM50 caution money to I.I.U. to the proposed Alumni Association.

On April 16, 1987, a Pro-tem committee was elected by all students present at Kem Bina Semangat Port Dickson, led by al-Marhum Mohd. Hassan Mutaliff from Singapore. After the ceremony at the then Pusat Islam,  at 5 p.m. Saturday, 10th October 1987 in the premises of the canteen of the former Sekolah Agama Wilayah Persekutuan, the Inaugural General Meeting of the I.I.U. Alumni Association was held. Among those present were Al-Marhum Professor Tan Sri Muhammad Abdul Rauf,  al-Marhum Emeritus Prof. Tan Sri Datuk Ahmad Ibrahim, Professor Muhammad Kamal Hassan and Associate Professor Datuk Mokhtar Shafie. The Protem committee was dissolved and eleven members were elected to be the ‘first committee’ of the I.I.U. Alumni Association. On Sunday, 11th October, 1987 these eleven, by way of mutual consultation, chose the line-up that was to function for the year 1987/88, with al-Marhum Hassan, chosen as President.

Many members of the first committee became academics in IIUM. Many were also appointed Principals and Fellows of colleges, and hence were totally immersed in IIUM life. It was natural that the I.I.U. Alumni contribution was focused on strengthening IIUM itself. Though Not legally a registered body with the RoS, the facts and history speak for themselves. What the I.I.U. Alumni Association of 1987-1990 lacked in ‘big money’ and ‘political weight’, was made up in ‘semangat’ or spirit. The spirit of the ‘Graduates of IIUM as Agents of Change’.

Some say that the ‘semangat’ of the early days has waned. I will leave it to others to make judgement. However, I would venture to say that the newer faces could benefit from the older faces. The event tonight is a start. I hope the Association will continue in their historical search to tell the world about the ‘semangat’ of IIU and its graduates. Honor those who deserve to be recognized. Speak the truth, never tell half truths and Stay away from partisan politics.

Say to all, high or low in rank without fear or favour-  ‘IF YOU GO AGAINST THE SHARI’AH, YOU ARE NO LONGER OUR FRIEND’.

(Phrase used by Al-Marhum Hassan Mutaliff to new students and to I.I.U. Academic Administrators in 1986)

Wa Ma Taufiqi illa bi Allah.

Mohamed Aslam Haneef

Class of 1987


  1. To promote the activities of the intellectual , spiritual , educational , social , cultural , scientific , economic , recreational and other related activities among its members and the community .

  2. To promote and safeguard the interests of its members .

  3. To promote and inculcate a spirit of brotherhood among members and the community .

  4. To manage and conducting research , organizing and research on matters that it deems useful for its members and the community .

  5. To establish communication channels recognized among its members , and between members of the University , other institutions and society .

  6. To encourage activities that can generate financial resources to the Association .

  7. To make a contribution to the progress and development of the University , National and Ummah