Dear Brothers & sisters,

IIUM Alumni Association go on to successful careers in areas such as law, business, healthcare, politics, education and ministry, while also continuing to live the IIUM experience. We encourage alumni to stay connected to the IIUM Alumni’s family, and are always interested in updates and stories about their ongoing journeys.

The IIUM Alumni Association is vital to the life and mission of IIUM, helping maintain our extended campus community. Through the Alumni Association, graduates can connect with IIUM alumnus and find ways to engage in IIUM campus activities and charity.

This is where we, the alumni IIUM come into the picture. Our diverse experiences at IIUM, the relationships that we developed there, and the impact that the campus has had on our lives all add up to more than a mere history with this university. We are also vital to the future of IIUM!

I encourage each of us to reflect upon how IIUM has shaped our lives and how we can use our passions, strengths, and gifts to support the ongoing mission of the University.

I also promote each of us to stay involved with IIUM Alumni Association and to stay connected with the people who share our IIUM heritage, the garden of knowledge and virtue!

As God lays upon your heart the various ways that you may be able to serve (or to simply enjoy fellowship with our fellow alumni), feel free to contact me or a member of the IIUM Alumni staff with any creative suggestions.
Please familiarize yourselves with the exciting alumni events that are already on the calendar. I look forward to connecting with you soon!